Thursday, April 21, 2016


Act I

I went on a walk last Saturday. I found my way to the train bridge by the football field. I sat on the bridge and read a book. As I was reading a train came along. I laughed out loud when I saw that it was carrying about twenty brand new John Deere tractors. I sat back and listened to the rattling of the rails and the rush of the wind. As the engine passed under the bridge it brought a great wave of heat. 

I started reading the Fluxus workbook at bit later and found the performance "Symphony No. 6 Fluxversion 2." It said to arrange or discover an event, score and realize it. I had just discovered the event of the train, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to build off of that. 

Act II

I asked Benjamin to collaborate with me. We decided to return to the bridge and record the sound of a train passing. We sat and recorded until we couldn't hear the train any more.


We sat across from each other and played the train sound forward through my speaker and backwards through Benjamin's. Staying present with him in the moment was surprisingly easy for me. I'm not afraid of making and maintaining eye contact with people. I have a feeling I could do it for a long time. 

I thought our performance went well. I'm not sure that the signs were needed. I think the performance would have worked just as well without them. If we were to re-perform this I would have a more solid ending planned and use a light that sits on the floor that would illuminate the performers equally.   


  1. Amanda (and Ben), this was one of my favorite performances of project #2 (am I allowed to say that? Heck, they’re all great!). I loved the sound you captured on the train bridge - I can’t believe how beautiful it sounded, I thought it was a youtube recording you had found. That was a great idea to record it for your performance! I also loved the intensity of your staring - as the person taking pictures of your performance I really focused on this. There was also a beautiful shadow of each of you on the wall behind you - I loved that, nice lighting choices.

    I agree with you Amanda, I’m not sure how necessary the signs were - especially since the audience didn’t realize the sound was playing both forwards and backwards (until you told us). But I wonder if it’s enough to just have you two staring at one another? Maybe if you were seated closer together - would that make it more intense?

    Overall, great performance! I’m glad you two (our theatre reps) got to be partners.

  2. Zara, good thought -- maybe being closer to each other. More intensity. Longer? Yes I really enjoyed the intensity of BEING THERE. The story of obtaining the sound -- just the pure joy of hearing you remember the moment... i wonder if this story could be incorporated? And something I have been thinking about is you using your voice as I know you are a singer.....

  3. I also like Act 1 - Act 2 --- maybe Act 3 -- a performance in 3 parts?

  4. I really loved the intensity and familiarity of this piece. I have spent many hours out on the train bridge in silence, and I know how it can really be a place of tranquility and sanctity. I would agree that maybe having you two sitting closer and facing would be good, as it would make it more intimate. The effect of having two speakers with the sounds of the train coming and going I thought was utterly brilliant. I wanted to maybe have it be louder though, so it really transports us as an audience to the scene. Great job!!